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Disembarking off a pleasant drive to Masvingo from Harare a 4-hour drive, it’s a true driving experience. The first day dawned hazy and humid, and driving on the Masvingo road is not for the faint-hearted, with drivers edging into spaces that would barely fit a bicycle. which did nothing to appease the angst I felt at taking the wheel of the pristine sedan. Thanks to the road upgrades.

The magic of Masvingo and its magnetic pull, due to the rich ancient history it has on travelers the world over, is well documented. Masvingo should have been the most sought-after hospitable destination, as there is nothing quite as enigmatic and as appealing to a visit to one of the many wonders of the province, the appealing UNESCO heritage – Great Zimbabwe.

The ancient city is a veritable slice of the wowing factors in which this luxurious resort, a legacy lifestyle, has its feet firmly entrenched, considering it’s the oldest hotel in Zimbabwe.

The newly refurbished Masvingo road.

I arrived in Masvingo to be greeted with 38oC, coupled to 90% humidity; this cloudy weather complimented with my expectation to a relatively start to the day. Nothing quite prepares you for Masvingo. 29km road from town along Mutare road, turned off right in a level-dusty road which offered leisure drives meandering the sacred Nyuni Mountain, all preconceived notions were swept away. The scenic views showed off the splendor of what was to be expected ahead. Jaw-dropping colors of forest transformed into a patchwork of red, yellow, and gold, interspersed with the green stands of Msasa and eucalyptus tree.    

The newly inviting swimming pool

                                                                                                                                                                                                If you haven’t heard of Glen Livet Mountain Resort, then it is time to brush up on your travel knowledge. The hospitable resort is reached by a 29km drive in-between two proud mountains. Built-in 1911, the ancient hospitality resort, with reminiscence of accommodating Queen of England herself and the late Prince Phillip in the early 1990s, offers gloriously purposed suites lying behind its walls. Complete with the Victorian-age charm of Scottish architecture and unparalleled botanical gardens, the gardens themselves appear to have restorative effects in reducing stress and life’s frustrations.

The hospitable Glen Livert Mountain Resort –

The Glen Livet Resort, on the famous escarpment in the heart of Masvingo.

From the classic taste of a smooth Scottish scotch to a stay at Glen Livet Mountain Resort, I needed no enhancements other than a possible splash of green scenery which undertones the Victorian ambiance with an innovative contemporary fresh ‘taste’ at the hotel.

An-inviting-new-hospitable-swimming pool
An inviting new swimming pool

Glen Livet Mountain Resort is everything a modern hospitable boutique hotel should be whilst retaining all the mystery & chivalry of a golden age. The resort has a choice of 14 rooms and suites and you can select a standard room right through to an executive suite with self-contained living areas and a plunge pool with a sauna nearby. The resort has all the facilities you need for a romantic gateway as well as a family holiday. Your holiday starts from the minute you touch down.

This long-established hospitable resort is perfect for family holidays, rejuvenating, and retreats. Here location is everything, and you will find yourself right in the popular Kyle Recreational Game Reserve, yet can still enjoy peace and privacy should you desire to.

With easy access to Great Zimbabwe for a historical expedition and the Kyle dam, you are moments away from the heartbeat of Masvingo province. True to form, the resort has all of the hospitable charm and rich cultural influences that Masvingo has to offer, yet it provides a charm unlike more of the mainstream destinations in the province. All of this province’s attractions are within reach and you can elect to spend a decent holiday far from the usual or create a jam-packed itinerary full of cultural and adventurous delights

Activities at the hospitable resort:

. Mountain Hiking . Sauna
. Game Drives . Nature Walks
. Great Zimbabwe Tour . Braai Park

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