“Jobs fill your pocket. Adventure fills your soul!”


by Alana Green-Thompson (Specialist Wellness Counsellor)

In a world where life-long antidepressants and therapy don’t come cheap, a holiday adventure may be just what the doctor ordered. While I am a strong advocate of professional mental health treatment, I also strongly believe in the age-old saying that, “Prevention is better than cure.” 21st-century life has placed great strain on the human race and it gets harder to keep up with the demands of everyday life. This is no wonder why the number of people committed to psychiatric facilities is ever-increasing and why anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication are fast becoming more popular on prescription pads. Of course, stress has always been part and parcel of life and human beings owe their very survival to the Fight-Or-Flight Response, but it is possible to buffer some of the consequences of the stressors of everyday living.

The field of Self-Care and Body Compassion is becoming more and more popular in mental health discourses simply because of its focus on preventing mental health decline. Scented candles, bubble baths, and social media detoxes are just but a few self-care rituals one can engage to self-soothe the mind.

A travel adventure prescribed…

Flying-Fox at Victoria Falls

Another strategy that has existed throughout human history is travel adventures. Due to economic challenges, people now travel less and less, yet now is the time they need it most. Now, more than ever, it is worth your while to save up for a much-needed holiday at least once a year.

Sipping on a margarita on a beach with all-white sand would be great but you really need not break your bank account to get some much-needed rest and relaxation or an adventure. Essentially a change of environment is really all you need, even if it’s an inexpensive B&B in a small town. There is a saying often quoted in therapy circles that says, “You cannot heal in the environment where you got sick” and that really sums up the therapeutic benefits of travel!

So whether it’s a tour of nature in a game park; an adventure trip that takes you to the sunshine during the gloomy months of winter or simply an escape to your childhood home where you felt safest, consider a week-long or weekend getaway the next time you experience a case of the blues!

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