Eco-friendly Safari Adventure – Khulu Bush Camp

By Savannah Stead

As the dawn breaks on the post pandemic period, the romance for Africa has never been so powerfully alluring. The global focus is currently on climate change and sustainable environmental issues. This is where Khulu Bush Camp is so perfectly positioned. 

On the shoulder of Hwange National Park, is Khulu Bush Camp, a small, 9 tent Lodge is named by the local Matabele people, Khulu (mean grandfather) is a respectful tribute to the family.

A game drive at Khulu Bush Camp – Hwange National Park

The excellent accessibility does not take away from its unparalleled feeling of seclusion and remoteness in the true African wilderness – Khulu Bush Camp offers the up close and personal experience with the famous Presidential Elephant Herd drinking from the pool as they traverse their key home range which includes Khulu’s 6000 acre Concession.

Guests rave about this and being within 2 meters of these animals is definitely something to remember.

This intimate tent under thatch camp name has a strong foot-hold in the preservation of a protected area on the boundary of Hwange National Park.  Guests who choose to enjoy their safari here, contribute to the sustainability of wildlife protection as a cushion between the community and the Park.

Typical scenes at Khulu Bush Camp

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