And Solo Travel is Still a Growing Trend in 2022!

By Allana Green

Whenever I ask people why they don’t travel or go on holiday, the main reason they give is that they don’t have enough money to travel. While money is a necessity for any holiday, it’s time to do away with the myth (and it really is a myth) that the people with the most travel are people with the most money.

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…solo travel on budget tips.

Perhaps before I embark on convincing you that you can afford that holiday you’ve been dreaming of, I should probably tell you a little about myself and my tax bracket. I’m a low-level government employee, Living alone, in a one-bedroom city center apartment. Oh! And I drive a second-hand 2006 car. So I am as regular as “regular girls” come. Having said that though, I am an avid solo traveler and believe I have mastered the art of solo (budget-friendly) travel. If you are a regular citizen like me and want to explore the world but are not sure where to start financially, then this article might be exactly what you need! P.S. Every tip is based on experience!

Travel Off-Season

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Most people plan their vacations around calendar holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and everything else in-between. While it makes sense to travel over holidays from a chronological point of view, it really doesn’t do any favors for you financially. The holiday season is a peak period and that means expensive flights, accommodation, and activities. If you decide to become a money-savvy “travel bunny” as I like to call myself, rather hold off traveling during the holiday season. Avoid January, April and December travel like the plague! In fact, if you get paid overtime, working over the holidays could be a great way to earn extra cash for when you actually take your holiday! You’ll thank yourself later!

Use Flight Ticket Hacks

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When traveling by air, the airline company you pick; the time of year; the day of the week; the time of departure and arrival can all play a big role in how much you spend on your flight ticket so choose wisely! Here are some hacks that can score you cheaper tickets

  • Try to buy airline tickets months before your trip. This can score you great discounts and deals. Browse travel and airline websites on Black Friday in November for trips you plan to take the following year. You’ll be amazed at what you can get!
  • The cheapest tickets are usually mid-week and on Sunday. Stay away from Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays!
  • Be willing to take early morning (I mean really early) and late-night (really late) flights. However only take these if it’s safe to do so and you have a reliable transport plan. I don’t mind departing any time of the day as long as I arrive at a new place during the day.

Swap hotels for B&Bs

I Kamtengo Guest House – Victoria Falls is your friend! This App is so user-friendly and gives you the best deals on accommodation! In fact, you can filter down all your requirements and it will give you the best possible price. Hotels are often more expensive and because they’re more visible online, those prices might scare you away, but websites like Trivago and show a wide variety of very affordable alternative accommodation options so don’t be afraid to shop around!

  • Look for inclusive deals

When finding accommodation I always consider two things-: 1) Is breakfast included?  2) Is there free WiFi? Once you’ve had the first meal of the day out of the way, you have extra time and cash to go on your adventures. This is why B&B accommodation is the best for budget travel. Free WiFi is also a non-negotiable for me! While you might want to be online 24/7, mobile phone charges can be quite pricey in some places. Luckily, as a tourist, you will be a patron at several places where free WiFi is offered from the airport; where you will be staying; where you will eat! Trust me, there’s no shame in freebies, especially in a place where you’re a total stranger!

Eat humble pie!

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Traveling on a budget is not for fussy eaters! I know you might want to take high-definition pictures of exotic cuisines but food can really be a wasteful expenditure. You can immerse yourself into the culture of a place, including its food without spending too much. One way of doing this is finding eateries where the locals eat. You and I both know that in our day-to-day life we buy food from supermarkets and regular fast food joints so rest assured, wherever you go there are people just like you and me. Find out where the locals eat (even the cultural food you want to try) and eat there! With the world becoming a global village, you can actually find fast food outlets and restaurants you know from home.

I hope these tips were useful and will kick start your holiday piggy bank!

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