Experimental Travel Reveals Zimbabwe True Colors in 2022

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country, don’t hear it from someone but experience it for yourself. Ever wondered, if a quick glance from the Victoria Falls Bushtrack Express is enough for a trip? Or hurrying through historical sites without proper information worth all the time and money you spent to make your trip a reality? There is more travel and adventure behind the curtains of mass tourism. Now it’s time to see more for yourself through experimental travel.

Let’s Get a Bit Experimental

experimental_travel_in zimbabwe
Pic Credit: Zimbabwe Tourism Authority- Tourists at Domboshava Hills.

Travel is not just understanding the country through its landscapes but also attaching to the culture, tradition, and arts. Travelers conclude that there is no meaning in just glancing at the surfaces. An intimate experience during a trip will inspire life after a vacation.

A brand new type of action is arising in the tourism sector. Ask yourself is your travel becoming too familiar and stale? Why not try culinary travel or cultural exploration.

Connecting With the Locals via Experimental Travel
Pic credit: iexplore- Zimbabwe’s culture is extremely diverse 

Site seeing with a tour group that has a professional guide who goes through a tour with the aid of a script will never be enough as compared to deeper knowledge and connection from interacting with the locals.  Mass tourism has become less interesting than experimental tourism.

Try to blend in with locals. Have your own experience with the locals like those on Aljazeera or Deutsche Welles. Experimental travel includes day trips with locals, cooking with the village women, hiking or rock climbing with local people who know the in and out of the place have become more popular.

Yedu Lani for Experimental Travel

Experiential Travel offers a uniquely authentic and genuine experience when you travel. Start locally where it’s affordable to go on experimental adventures of your own. Throughout the much-anticipated itineraries and create brand new ones for yourself.

Our Magazine remains the top interesting and knowledgeable travel magazine. We keep reminding people to travel meaningfully. Let the vacation inspire your life and let your life inspire others.

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